Naruto Episode 192

In this episode of Naruto (Filler) Ino and Naruto are assigned a mission to help the fedueral lord get married to Chikara of the Udon country. Knowing all fillers there was some really random creativity with the title. So Ino was assigned a mission and Naruto of course was asked to come along. They finally get to where they needed to go and their first expression of seeing the princess was pretty great. I mean she’s fat. Well the resemblence of the princess and Ino are quite amazing…of course with a little meat on the princess. Now I must admit the princess does look like Ino without the bangs that Ino has. The princess is fat, so Ino is the substitute joy~. Well its actually no surprise considering she ate a ton. Well Ino and Naruto got ‘suited up‘ and prepare to meet Chikara from the Udon Country. The entrance was quite…overdone. I mean there were rave-like lights?, had a rose in his mouth, and even looked like Elvis. Of course we present to you Prince Chikara, the fat dude. I mean I was horrified just as much as Ino and Naruto were. Ino proceeded to TRY to get him to marry ‘her’ as Chikara believes she is princess Fuku. Chikara wants to lighten up the mood, so what does he do? He calls upon his pocket band that he carries around with him. Of course his dance was the most…wrong thing I’ve seen. It was so awkward and weird that I wanted to punch the wall like Ino did.

Ino decides to take a walk and of course leaving Naruto alone wasn’t the best idea for Naruto had a plan. What was that plan you asked? Why none other than… SEXY NO JUTSU! FUKU/INO. Luckily Ino was able to pull Naruto back with her Shin-danshin no Jutsu by pulling him back with smoke? and he’s gone. Naruto gets owned by Ino, but that doesn’t stop him from messing things up. Naruto again appears outside when Ino opens the door, but quickly closes it to avoid being found out. She also apparently has an inner self like Sakura. Prince Chikara of course realizes that there are two princesses, so Ino resorts to acting rashly, which leads to having her kissing Prince Chikara. Ino is shocked that it lead to that and was about to die if she had to. Luckily Princess Fuku pulls her out and explains she mustn’t kiss Prince Chikara. With that Ino goes back in and Naruto emerges from the pond that Ino kicked him into. Naruto had to piss (while still in Sexy no Jutsu form), so he found a bush to relieve himself. Fuku sees him in her form pissing in a bush, so of course she would be angry. Naruto of course needed to explain, but Fuku didn’t listen. She chased after Naruto while he was still pissing. Apparently he couldn’t stop the flow of urine. Fuku chases Naruto up to the roof of the building. With the weight on the roof, Chikara and Ino heard sounds above them. They open the door and see rain. Why it was a beautiful rain that created a rainbow. Ino, like most people who see rain, stuck her hand out, but it wasn’t long till Naruto fell down from the roof. Of course he’s still pissing too. Ino realizes it wasn’t rain after all and is pretty…freaked out about it. Good thing she didn’t try to taste it or anything. Well Fuku finally tells the truth to Chikara and apparently both of them gets married. Ino is officially scarred now for trying so hard then getting dumped. With that the filler ends. Next week’s episode might actually be bad…again. The title is also kind of funny.


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  1. Sounds like fun!

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