CardCaptor Sakura The Movie (first half)

CardCaptor Sakura The Movie is a movie that takes place somewhere in-between the first and second arc of CardCaptor Sakura (I will start refering it to CCS starting now). This is the first film of CCS and it takes place during the winter vacation.

The movie begins with Sakura facing ARROW. Sakura of course manages to capture the card with the help of Li. Tomoyo of course is doing her filming and Meilin is complaining about how the card was suppose to be Li’s. With the capturing of ARROW, Sakura goes home and sleeps. She has a dream where she is standing ontop of water. These ribbon like things come out from under the water slowl, grabs her, and pulls her under water. She somehow can breathe under the water though and she hears a mans voice saying, ‘Mizu wa nagare yoko mono ne desu yo’ (Water is a thing that flows). Sakura then wakes up.

At school people were recieving their report cards. Nothing special. Everyone is acting like what every other person would act like when they are about to get report cards. Li is probably the most nervous of the four. Meilin acted high and mighty, but didn’t do well. Tomoyo like always did good, so no worries. Sakura was nervous, but was relieved to see she didn’t do as bad as she thought.

Afterschool Sakura and Tomoyo goes to the Twin Bells store to buy notebooks for their homework. They buy the notebook and find out that there is a drawing for prizes that is done at the Tomoeda shopping district. The first prize winner gets a trip to Hong Kong. Sakura goes to draw one and a ball emerges from the pile and jumps into Sakura’s hand. She pulls her hand out and shows the ball. It’s colored gold and the prize that matches the gold ball is none other than the special prize to Hong Kong for 5 days and 4 nights.

Skipping all the scenes at home and the airport, Sakura arrives at Hong Kong with Toya, Yukito, Tomoyo and of course Kero. There Sakura has another dream. The setting is still the same. She looks above and see two birds sitting on support beams above. Then a woman appears behind her. The woman extends her ribbon thingies at Sakura and Sakura goes to grab them, but she wakes up.

Well the next scene takes place at a resturant where their having Dim Sum. Apparently Yukito killed the meaning of Dim Sum. As in instead of ordering a few dishes he ordered like 5 over everything. This scene is more humorious of course and it really doesn’t add anything to the story. After the food they decide to go to ‘Bird Street’. From the name you could probably guess. Its a street full of birds. They explain how people in Hong Kong love birds and all. As connection to real life I can see that. (because I’ve been to Hong Kong)

At Bird Street they are looking at all the birds until Sakura feels a presence. She looks up and sees the two birds from her dreams. She goes and chases after them. She chase them to a well where she is then controlled to go inside the well, but Li was able to snap her out of it. She still fell in the water though. Back at Tomoyo’s end on Bird Street she has a little run in with Meilin. More like Meilin walking into Tomoyo, but whatever. Apparently Meilin was looking for Li. Not too long after she said that Li and Sakura appears walking towards them. Toya and Yukito shows up not too long after that. Well they decide to go to Li’s place to change. Li’s four sisters are all over Sakura and Tomoyo, but not for long for Toya and Yukito somehow grabbed their attention. Li’s mom also makes an appearence. Li’s mom apparently can scene the Clow Cards and warns Sakura that with great power comes great hardships especially in Hong Kong. She then insist that they stay the night.

That night Sakura has another dream. The woman is in front of her. Sakura grabs the ribbon only to then be pulled up. Sakura struggles to get free and then she awakes from her scream. Sakura looks at her arm and she has marks from where the ribbon was wrapped.

(to be continued later.)


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