Bleach 88 & Naruto 193

Okay people I’m going to do some changes. You will probably not see screenshots for awhile because it takes too much effort and I just don’t have the time to slowly take pictures. Also I may sometimes put Bleach and Naruto as one because not only are they made by the same company, but they are fairly close on release dates and I usually get the latest episodes on the day Naruto is released or Friday. Let’s begin.

Bleach: I can not stress enough on how extremely old the bontou arc is getting. I don’t feel like the bontou arc needs much explaining, so I give an extremely quick summary of it. So the four shinigami were sent to infiltrate the bontou hide-out. They get there and pretty much get owned by the bontou (whats his face) with the glasses. Ichigo and gang are all healed up and ready to go. Urahara tells Ichigo that he had underestimated the bontou and that he should be careful since he can’t go bankai and woop the bontou’s ass. Ichigo knows that he can be a Hollow-Shinigami at random times and rest assures that Urahara doesn’t need to worry and that he’ll deal with it. The gang leave for the entrance to the bontou hideout. Ishida is still trying to regain his powers and it seems like he can’t (but an episode or two back he was able to create a bow and arrow…). Really Ishida is still crying on how he has no power to protect. All he has is his ‘pride of the Quincy’. The episode ends with everyone arriving at the entrance and getting ready to go in and hopefully not get killed.

Naruto: Rock Lee makes a dojo. Hurray…Anyways Naruto gets back from a mission and see signs about a new dojo. Naruto being the curious one follows the signs and reaches the Dojo. He opens the door and see none other than Rock Lee. Rock Lee doesn’t even bother to see who it was or what they had to say and so Naruto got beat. Naruto decides to tell Gai-sensei. Gai is of course extremely happy for Lee trying to train and all, so Gai decides to become his first challenger, but he had to disguise himself so Lee wouldn’t notice. He pretty much got an afro wig and a mustache. A guy outside the village transformed into him in order to gather Konoha’s secrets (whats up with guys trying to get the secrets of Konoha?), but only to be then taken to the dojo by Naruto. The guy gets beat and a whole mess happens. Naruto fights Lee and it was probably one of the wildest fights ever. Naruto was able to do Harem no jutsu Sakura style on Lee. So he just made many Kage Bunshin and then transformed into Sakura. Of course Sakura wasn’t nude or anything (people stop getting your hopes up), but it was still pretty funny. In the end the mess is settled and another filler ends. Next episode is………..ANOTHER FILLER LETS ALL CHEER!. Anyways I’ve heard rumors (and probably you have too…) that Naruto might start airing Kakashi Gaiden around episode 197-200. That’s only a rumor.

As for other news I will be doing quite a lot of random posting because I need to get all the episodes and series I’ve watched in. Please do not expect all the episodes for all the series, but look forward to them. Also recommendations are encouraged, so let me know whatever anime is good. Seriously anything. I really could care less if it contains adult scenes…if its a recommendation then I will see to it that I get to it.


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