Today in Class 5-2 Episode 1

I got this anime awhile back from The Triad sub, but never really watched it carefully. Here’s what the ‘plot’ is. It’s very similar in style to Azumanga Daioh where they have different sections instead of a full episode that relates to each other. In 5-2 it focuses on a class of 5th graders that don’t act so 5th grade at all. An anime to keep you laughing through the crazy and wild world of ecchi. The animation style is very nicely done and its actually quite funny.  I shall now seperate the episodes like it does.

1st Period: Wiggle Wiggle: It starts off with a blond girl walking down the hallway clicking her mechanical pencil. The girl enters the room where three boys are sitting at the desk. They are apparently talking about a baseball game last night. The girl calls for Satou-kun (who I persume to be the main lead of the anime). The girl asked that he stay after to work on the health reports. Also the girl appears to be named: Aihara Kazumi. The boy is named: Satou Ryouta. With that being said she walks out the room. The two other boys make fun of Satou for being alone in the classroom with Aihara (you can see the perverted intents already). The final chime rings and Satou and Aihara are working on their report. Aihara is nibbling and biting at the back of her pencil. She bites off the back tip of the pencil and starts chew? on them…She explains that she is biting and eating? the pencil because she has a tooth about to fall out and to prove that she shows her teeth to Satou. He sees what appears to be fangs like a vampire. Aihara asks Satou about his teeth and he shows his teeth and says all his teeth are already fully grown. With that she continues eating her pencil. With her pencil gone she doesn’t have anything to write with…It has became a battle for the pencil. To lose another pencil or to save it and finish the work. Satou wins by grabbing the pencil before anything happens and even offered to write the report himself. Aihara decides to go rest, but it seems like she was trying to suck Satou’s blood. He looks back and she quickly retracks and said, ‘Oh…there was a bug’ and starts doing ‘fist of fury’ around in the air. Satou then gets a papercut (yeah blood and vampire…nice…), so Aihara puts his finger in her mouth. At first Satou was probably thinking about pervervious thoughts, but then realized his finger might turn out like the pencil…then…a bite. Aihara accepted the fact that she bit him and told him that she tried everything. The list of things bit by her are: Gum, Caramel, Popsickle Sticks, Pencils, Erasers, Her Flute, Pooch (her dog). Now she’s going to bite him again. She seemed very turned on for someone who wants to bite someone else’s finger. As for Satou…who knows what was going on in his mind. Before the bite he quickly pulls his finger out and was able to get the tooth out. A fang to be more exact. She thanks him and asked for his finger so that she can use it for her other baby teeth.

2nd Period: Collarbones: This section begins with…with…*nosebleed*. WTF?! Okay it starts with a girl in a bikini. Next image…more….eh…anywho. Aside from the crazy ecchi-ness of that section it starts off with a character, female: Asano Yuuki seeing two of the boys that are friends of Satou looking at a magazine. She snaps at them and says, ‘WHAT IS THAT?! PORN?!’ and then a whole crowd gathers around for the porn mag. Satou’s friends explain to the crowd that it can’t be helped because their guys and they asked Satou if that’s right. Satou of course being alone in the corner asks the guys why is he being dragged in. The girls are now think that Satou is the same as all guys and only like girls with big breast (Remember they are 5th graders). Of course one of the most funniest lines in this anime is one of Satou’s friends says, ‘Tits make a woman’. I just laughed hysterically when I read that. Satou then makes his infamous speach on what makes a woman and that would be….their collarbones. People now think he’s some kind of god because of that. The girls are now talking about it. Aihara explains that its not really that big of a problem but Asano is showing her collarbones, therefore Aihara says Satou must be turned on right now. Asano being really embarrassed chucks the volleyball straight at Aihara. Aihara then toss the ball at Asano. Asano thinks she wants to play dodgeball so she accepts. Over at the side Satou has a crowd around him while he is talking about collarbones. Back at the game Asano calls a time-out to take off her sweater. She is now wearing a pink tangtop in all her sweating glory. She decides to go get a drink. At the fountain Asano and Satou meet. Asano was offered the first drink, so she took it. Satou on the other hand looks over to see a beautiful Asano drinking water. Looks a little lower and you get a peak inside her shirt. Asano realizes he was looking at her and stops drinking and stands up. Satou tries to get out and says he didn’t seem them, but Asano caught on and said, ‘You saw them……my collarbones’. Satou was then called a pervert and had water sprayed on him.

3rd period: Undefeated: [Will continue later]

4th period: Dial: [Will continue later]

5th period: Sneak Attack: [Will continue later]

I apologies for it not being complete. I am leaving for Hong Kong, so I don’t have much time and energy to actually post it normally. I will update this while I’m away for the month, but I can not ensure that it will be good. I hope you enjoy what is up so far.



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  1. Aw, this was a really good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to make a very good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate a lot and never manage to get nearly anything done.Best10

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