Random Searches

Alright while I’m here in Hong Kong I decided to actually check the searches that have been done on this stupid little blog. I got a LOT of crazy searches. Lets start off with a few of stuff that I probably didn’t expect.

rock lee sexy no jutsu                                        1

kawaii no jutsu                                                  1

Naruto kissing Sakura                                        1

all about Naruto like the hand signs to                 1

anime boy with flute                                           1

sakura pissing                                                   1

how do kakashi look like when he is nake              1

naruto ino adult                                                 2

Here’s the FULL list.


Search Views
Sakura and Ino nude 1


Search Views
naruto episode princess piss scene 3
Today in Class 5-2 2
naruto episode 197 2
hand signs on naruto 1
kawaii no jutsu 1
“god knows” haruhi 1
kawaii sakura 1
ichigo get married 1
Lost My Music Suzumiya Haruhi 1
naruto episode 197 summaries 1
card captor sakura 1
Naruto kissing Sakura 1
haruhi suzumiya merchandise 1


Search Views
naruto episode 200 2
naruto episode screenshots sexy 2
Naruto Filler End 197 2
funny naruto pictures 1
Ino and Naruto 1
today in 5-2 1
sakura how to draw cardcaptors 1
all about Naruto like the hand signs to 1
193 still naruto filler 1
“suzumiya haruhi” ost 1
Card Captor Sakura Arrow 1
Lost my Music by Hirano aya 1
Naruto episode 200 title 1


Search Views
class 5-2 3
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu OST 2
naruto episode 192 sexy 2
naruto 193 2
Suzumiya Haruhi OST 1
naruto 197 filler end 1
Card captor Sakura facing back 1
angry sakura episode 20 picture naruto 1
card captor sakura episode 5 full 1
naruto filler 192 1
what happens in naruto episode 197 1
july 2006 end of naruto filler 1


Search Views
naruto ino adult 2
Naruto episodes w/ Sakura in it 2
how to draw Ino from Naruto 2


Search Views
Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu Ost 2
suzumiya haruhi song 2
Naruto Episode 192 Shin-danshin no jutsu 2


Search Views
Naruto Episode 200 2
God knows Lost my music 2
the clow cards (anime) , water 2

I found some stuff to be pretty funny actually. Too bad this is only a weeks worth. I would like to notify people that you will NOT find these items.

ANY form of hentai including, but not limited to





You WILL find these:

-My random rambles that MAY include those terms above.

-My crazy reaction to the extreme ecchi-ness MAY lead to a screenshot of something that may contain mild nudity if not be extremely ecchi, but also extremely kawaii =D

So people…PLEASE continue to search as you feel like, but don’t get your hopes up especially considering I only have like 6 freakin’ post.


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  1. this site is boring

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