Chrno Crusade (Whole Series)

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to say that I made it back from vacation safe and sound last week. I’ve been very lazy lately on updating and haven’t had the time to actually watch any episodes of anything since I was downloading all the stuff I’m behind in (and I’m still working on it). For the time being though I will do an entry on Chrno Crusade. This took less time to download than I’ve expected. Since it only took me about two days to finish the entire series I might as well do the whole series as one thing. I know I will mess up somewhere during the post, so if that happens feel free to smack me.

Chrno Crusade begins with the two characters Rosette and Chrno (which you can already tell they are the main or the story will revolve around them). Rosette and Chrno are called upon to take another mission. Of course at that time they were the ones closes to the scene and because the Militia and other groups were all busy. So they drive to the crime scene of course Rosette driving so carelessly totals the car.

They arrive and enter the building. Rosette trips over a corpse which was already roiting. Chrno explains that the person’s soul was sucked out at such a rapid rate that he was instantly mummified. After both of them enter a room upstairs. The whole thing apparently was caused by a satanist. So…yeah the guy who was doing this attacks Rosette. She trys to hit the dude, but misses a lot. Rosette almost gets attacked, but Chrno was able to use holy water on the guy, but not without being hit by the holy water himself. With that Rosette shot the guys head off, but then he turned into a devil. She aimed the gun straight at his head and shot a few rounds. After that he like…grew? and then exploded.

Rosette returns to the order and explains to Sister Kate about the incident. She gets yelled at and apologies’ to her and leaves.

NOTE: My mind gets a little fuzzy after this, so I will just do a EXTREMELY simple outline of what happens. I won’t go into extreme detail, so don’t expect TOO much. Also some events might be out of order.

Anyways after that Rosette feels a little depressed, but Chrno cheers her up. Elder being the perverted old man that he is trys to peek up Rosette’s dress. Also he presents her with a new bullet called the ‘Gospel’. It’s a bullet with a lot of power pretty much. She trys to convince Elder to let her try it, but he explains that he won’t let her anymore considering she called him a Perverted Geeser, but he said that he she was willing to let him folder her breast then he will think about it. Rosette quickly rejects the offer.

After that Chrno and Rosette were called to another mission at the harbor. A goul has apparently manifested through people’s greed. Rosette and Chrno goes in and trys to take it down. Chrno was told to take the ship away from the Harbor while she deals with the goul. She unloads pretty much everything, but they didn’t have any affect. Chrno was able to save Rosette once again by giving her the ‘Gospel’, which he stole from Elder. With that they took down the goul and also crashed the ship into the Statue of Liberty.

Elder is at it again and this time he made a new set of bullets. He named the bullets ‘Spirit’. The bullets was made through alchemy and had compressed demons inside them. Chrno explained that it was a bad idea to do that because it contained demonic energy inside, but Rosette explains that Elder wouldn’t do something if he knew it was dangerous. Elder told Rosette to deliver the bullets to Sister Kate, but before she could they were called to another mission. Rosette being greedy took the bullets and planned to test them out during the mission. They get to the area where the devil was. The devil took flight and came at Rosette. Chrno told her to shoot the horn off. She did so after a few shots. After that Rosette loaded a ‘Spirit’ into her gun, but Chrno told her to not do it. Rosette said it was nothing and that he shouldn’t worry, but the devil was able to knock the gun out of her hand and into the bushes. Rosette was pretty much a goner, but the devil dissolved into dust. The devil apparently hid himself amoungst the crowd as a human and took the ‘Sacred’ (The guns are titled Sacreds) with the ‘Spirit’ loaded in it.

The devil apparently made his way to the Order and broke through the front gate. The area dispatched everyone for an emergancy. Rosette and Chrno get to the frontlines a bit late. They notice the ‘Sacred’ in the devil’s hand. The devil points the gun to his head and shoots. The ‘Spirit’ enter his body and he absorbs the bullet’s power. He becomes larger and all, Rosette explains that she will take care of it. She charges straight in and gets knocked back a pretty good distance. Chrno goes berserk and was about to break the seal, but Rosette was able to stop him before that happened and then she shot a ‘Gospel’ at the devil.

This episode starts off with Rosette in a pretty revealing dress. *uhm hem* As I was saying Rosette and Chrno are on a mission to save a girl named Azmaria who is suppose to be one of the Apostles. So yeah. I’m skipping a few parts. So Chrno is outside while Rosette is inside. Chrno apparently gets attacked and Rosette screams ‘CHRNO?!’ and that gets her noticed. She quickly runs into a janitor’s closet where she meets up with Azmaria. They are about to leave the closet and the resort area, but they were stopped by this demon, … whatever his name was. Azmaria told the guards that Rosette was lost. Right then Chrno gets smashed inside. Rosette grabs Azmaria and makes a run for it. They get chased on top of this glass roof. The roof falls apart after being attacked a few times. The people below are crushed by statues and pillars. Azmaria sees this and decides to use her powers. She was able to heal everyone’s wound, but she explains that she brings bad luck everytime she uses her power. Cause-and-Effect as they say a lot.  In the end Azmaria was able to be taken to the Order.

Azmaria is at the Order and all. She finds out that problems are arising around her and she becomes depressed. Rosette decides to cheer her up, so she takes her out. Chrno follows of course. At the end of the day Rosette gives her a lecture on if she’s sad and want to cry then she should cry as much as she can. When your happy you should smile and all that. After Azmaria is about to get taken hostage to save her new friends or they could die and she would be forced to go with the demon dude. Azmaria asked him to spare their lives if she went, he takes her, but doesn’t spare their lives.

Azmaria is now in a hot air ballon and Chrno and Rosette suffer some damage. Rosette told Chrno that she was going to break the seal, but Chrno asked her not to. Rosette told Chrno that he needs to fight in order to bring Azmaria back because he was the only one able to. Chrno finally gives in and told her that he would do it only for 10 minutes. With that Rosette breaks the seal and Chrno becomes badass.

They fly up the the hot air ballon. Chrno is fighting the demon dude as Rosette is fighting the ‘Legion’ to save Azmaria. The devil dude attacks the hot air ballon in hopes of killing Rosette and Azmaria, but Rosette was able to set up a barrier? or something and she shot the Astral Line Interceptor the dude had and then he was killed by Chrno. With that Chrno was sealed back again and Rosette and Azmaria are falling. Azmaria used her powers again to gentally…float them down until they were like…a few feet off the ground.

The next episode Rosette becomes Militia and Azmaria wants to be a sister like Rosette. I will skip almost the whole episode here. So HOW Rosette becomes Militia and Azmaria becomes a sister like Rosette is through a simulated training ground that simulates monsters that might be fought. Apparently though they do the testing in the same area and a Mind Eater was released for Rosette to defeat. The Mind Eater took control of Azmaria, but Rosette was able to control Azmaria and do a ‘Diving’ which is entering her mind. The Mind Eater supposively eats the person’s mind away (hence the name). Rosette was able to free Azmaria from her depression and she becomes Militia. As for Azmaria she becomes a rookie.

Next the rookie gets her first mission with Rosette and Chrno. They are to take care of smuggled goods or something. Apparently a Jewel Summoner named Stellvia or something took care of most of the stuff. After they took down the wave of undead Stellvia noticed Chrno and was able to attack him for being a devil. She has a thing against devils because one took the lives of his mother, father and her sister is yet to be found.

The next day Chrno, Rosette, and Az find the smugglers mummified from the quick lost of soul. Stellvia was also there. Rosette chases after Stellvia for awhile until they both get tired at Central Park. They have a hot dog and Rosette offers one to Stellvia, but she complains on how its probably not food at all. Anyways after awhile a mummy appears and spawns undead soldiers. They fight and after a bit Stellvia was able to get attacked, but Chrno was able to save her and only suffering minor injuries. Stellvia starts to open up a little to Chrno although she still hates devils.

After that more stuff that probably won’t contribute to the anime in my opinion happens…

Rosette was able to finally get the okay to find his brother Joshua in San Francisco. She arrives there with a few bumps on the way, but she makes it. Chrno gets a fever, which was amazingly cured through a kiss. After that Stella was ‘raped’ by Aion. She was more like…emotionally shattered. She lost her jewel summoning powers or something because of that and Azmaria being the caring one decides to take everyone on a trip to this amusement park. It just so happens that Rosette and Chrno have a romantic scene AND Joshua appears. So…Aion and Chrno fight….The Apostals were all gathered and killed cept for Joshua and Azmaria. Chrno loses, but manages to rip his horns off Joshua. Rosette was taken by Aion and a whole lot of shit just starts to pile up after that.

Chrno somehow becomes unfrozen through Azmaria or seeing his like old girlfriend (whatever her name was) or something. He then goes out in hopes of finding Aion and Rosette. He finds them, with Joshua and Stella’s supposively dead sister there. Stella fights her sister, Joshua was retrieved and Chrno trys to grab Rosette away, but was burned by her….holy blood? or something (her stigmata *sp?*). Anyways Chrno becomes depressed, but Azmaria cheers him up somewhat and he gets a letter from Rosette. It asked Chrno to give something to her…that is? Her lost time for the clock that shows the contract between Rosette and Chrno shows Rosette’s lifespan and it also decreases fasted when the seal of it is broken in exchange for Chrno to be badass.

Chrno then gets totally owned by Aion. Later on when they are at this Park Chrno manages to snap Rosette out and kill Aion. With that the story just takes a vertical drop in my opinion.

So…Aion’s horns that was thrown at Chrno had the power to speed up time….Chrno’s horns froze time. So…Chrno used Aion’s horns to unfreeze Seventh Bell from it’s frozen state when Joshua went crazy after hearing the ‘noise’ when he got Chrno’s horns from Aion. After THAT Rosette and Chrno were never heard from again.

You see life go on without Rosette and Chrno. Stella died from the fight with her sister along with her. Everyone else is depressed over the missing of Chrno and Rosette. Might as well lable it as M.I.A. because well…they just went missing after a big battle. RIGHT near the end of the episode you see Rosette and Chrno…both looking pretty shitty at this broken home that they fixed up. Rosette explains that she wanted to tell Chrno something, but forgot what it was. It was an extremely important thing. Then she wishes that she could live longer…She crys as Chrno watches in pity…and with that….Rosette and Chrno dies. They were found I guess a bit later and it was pretty sad. Then…it just shows the times passing by … but it wasn’t all happy-go-lucky though….it sucked…apparently Aion was still alive…and the series ends like that.

P.S. I know this is extremely badly done, but I made this though through memory 2 days after watching the whole thing.


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