Not Enough Updating…I know

I’ve realized I don’t update this at all *not like anyone reads it anyway*. I know I get lazy when it comes to doing something and this blog doesn’t have enough publicity for others to read nor does this blog offer anything for people TO read about. I have a few post that are still unfinished because I just don’t have the time to get to it or I get lazy and just screw it over. I need to make the blog more appealing or atleast post more. *sigh* I don’t have much to say on the anime side, but I’ll say some stuff I guess.


Alright the latest filler *yeah I’m skipping the other crap…* I found was…well…kind of stupid. If Konoha was filled with chakra thread and explosive tags and Neji and Hinata used Byakugan on various places of Konoha wouldn’t they have spotted atleast some of it. I don’t know I just thought it was kind of stupid that that happened. Also I don’t care what you people say, but I found the whole Naruto asking Hinata “out” was pretty funny. It might just be that my standards for Naruto has dropped so low that the Ramen episode was almost as good as the whole Uncovering Kakashi’s face episode.

Bleach: Now the bountou *I don’t know what other groups sub it as…Some say its bount or whatnot* arc is not bad…It lacks in areas…but its not amazingly bad. I’m waiting for the whole Byaguya battle. It looks pretty good, but who knows what might happen. Considering Ichigo got his ass kicked when he went Bankai against Karia. We’ll just have to wait and see.

As for other anime…I haven’t been watching anything since my hard drive has been suffering *250 gig is just NOT enough for an external plus a 55 gig master and 20 gig slave*. I might start watching Tsukihime just because I really liked Fate/Stay Night and I just want to see more of Type-Moon’s work. I might play Fate/Stay Night too because I want to know more of the story even though I don’t understand Japanese…I think I’ll still enjoy it regardless of the fact it’s an H-game.

I might also play Da Capo and Da Capo II because well…they look good. I think I’ll probably get more out of the game than the anime *of course…* so I might do that too and because DC II is different from the second season of Da Capo. I hope they make another Da Capo based off the second game.


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