After a long trip…

Well if you didn’t know I went to Hong Kong for the summer. *sorry I don’t have pictures of the airport(s) I went to or scenery* Well the trip was like this…or the flight was like this anyways.

To Hong Kong:

Boston – Chicago

Chicago – Narita, Tokyo (Japan)

Narita – Hong Kong

Leaving Hong Kong:

Hong Kong – Narita

Narita – New York (JFK)

New York – Boston

Yeah. Anyways Japan was fun for the few hours I was there…Felt kind of weird hearing real Japanese spoken to you even though I watch anime and listen to Japanese music and all. If only I knew Japanese. Well I bought some stuff while I was there. Aside from clothing and a bracelet I got some well…”useful” things.

First thing I got was Dictionaries I think. I got two. One is a English-Chinese/Chinese-English dictionary because I’m currently taking Manderin to I guess help me out in the future. Another one is a English-Japanese/Japanese-English dictionary because I really want to learn Japanese if not know what people are somewhat saying.

Japanese and Chinese Dictionaries
While in HK I had intents to buy a PSP and a drawing tablet *even though my drawing skills are as bad as an average 5th grader* and I was able to get it for a lot cheaper than what it would cost here.

Well…thats about it. Nothing much to talk about the stuff anyways.

Well a few days ago I was walking around the mall with my friend in hopes of him selling his DS, but … failed because he didn’t have the charger cord. We decided that since there was nothing really to get we should head over to the bookstore to look at the manga section. He was looking for the Naruto manga while I was just scrolling the section.

I don’t usually read manga and I’m not a big fan of reading them, but I don’t mind them…I just rather watch anime because I like the action shown to me instead of on paper through 5 panels. Anyways what caught my attention was the School Rumble manga released in English. Now I was highly debating on if I should get it or not. In the end i decided to get the first two volumes *which were the only volumes they had*. I also wanted to get some other manga while I’m at it, but I didn’t want to go crazy on my compulsive buying *Kevin’s next compulsive buying topic….MANGA!*. Here are the covers for both volumes if you haven’t seen already.

P.S. I’m sorry for the pictures being all messed up. Please deal with the fact that I’m lazy to actually adjust it even though I’ll take no more than 10 minutes.



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