Genshiken. *First Impression*

Alright now since I was going crazy over the fact that I finally got my Fliptop/swapmagic combo on my PS2 to work I didn’t have enough time to get into Genshiken that much…also with the fact that I’m fixing a friend’s computer and thus my anime dosage has been kind of cut down to almost 3 episodes PER WEEK!

Anyways on with the actual posting. Genshiken…hmm A nice little anime that talks about well…otaku. Now how true it is to actual otaku I have no idea. I did realize a few things that were pretty true.

They explain that Otaku do have the 2-D complex, but does not mean they don’t like real women. The only reason why Otaku can’t get girls is because of their interest…but more importantly Otaku-ism… is looked down upon I guess.

The anime itself is pretty fun and seems pretty “realistic” to characters in real life. Then again…they make it seem like Otaku are ultra-perverts who like ero-games, doujinshi, and the likes…not saying I like those kinds of things even though I love anime products >.> *coughs*

Anyways I really like it so far since the characters seem “realistic” enough to connect to their craziness and it also has a pretty good humor to laugh at how Otaku are, but its probably not true. A lot of stereotypes are laid out, but also it clears up some stereotypes. Then again…who knows…some people’s 2-D complex is greater than their need for a real women.



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