Alright I finally finished Genshiken. Well…I don’t know what to make of it, but I guess I’ll break it down so I can give you guys a somewhat good of an idea of what its about.

Well…Really its about people being Otaku and the struggle of a girl who isn’t, but wants to go out with an Otaku…actually…truthfully I have no idea what the story was really about nor did I even get who the main character was.

I actually found it funny the Sasahara has the same seiyuu as Asou-kun from School Rumble *sounds like the same seiyuu anyways* and Kohsaka’s Sol-Badguy skills are extremely impressive. Ohno’s cosplay obsession is also pretty funny, although I did not really like her cute-ness that much. Other than that all the other characters were funny and weird at the same time.

The ending ended with Sasahara being the Chairman of Genshiken and he wanted to do a Male-Oriented doujinshi for Kajian *spelling?* which is actually a real anime *that is probably done by the same people* so yeah…just found it funny.

Other stuff to say…well I don’t know…the ending really lacked a LOT but it was still a good quick watch. Only 12 episodes. Man I really want to go out and buy some doujinshi or something in the likes. I wish I had wallscrollers. I wish I had amazing Guilty Gear skills. *sigh* Well it was a fun quick watch as I said so it’s not bad for what it is, but could be a little better. Kind of amazing how an idea like this could be made into an anime. Oh well



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