Alright, this Anime need not an explanation for only one word could describe it. This anime is pure ecchi. It is filled with sick adult humor which I’ll admit was pretty good for a few cheap laughs. The whole point…I haven’t really gotten any of the story. It seems pretty much like a love story, but I was too busy twitching at how un-proportional 99% of the girls were….Lets just leave it at that. I won’t even bother explaining it. Well there were a few that were proportional such as Yukino *spelling?* and I must say…I kinda liked her more than the other people…then again I probably just found it cool how forward she was….

Well…would I recommend this? Well if your into a EXTREMELY short ecchi-filled comedy romance then by all means go ahead. Its only 2 episodes so it won’t hurt to give a look at it…but seriously folks…its just…weird. Its comes barely below the line that seperates H-anime to just anime that will have an extremely H feel to it. Like Green Green Erolution.



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