Utawarerumono EP 10 & 11

Alright I’m really behind in Utawarerumono as you can see. Along with Strawberry Panic and a lot of other stuff. Anyways heres the run down from not watching for a good 3-4 months.

Episode 10: When I first started watching episode 10 (left off at 9 before I stopped) I was really confused. Considering I don’t remember much of it. Anyways this episode talks pretty much about Kurura being “saved” by Hakuoro (just in-case there’s any romanji error on names…just skip them…because Utawarerumono has some pretty weird names that I’m not familiar with…especially the anime name itself) and yeah… Nothing much, but it was a pretty nifty episode I must say. Nothing really big except new comrade joining Hakuoro’s army.

Episode 11: This episode was pretty said, but also quite touching and surprising. So…the village that Eruruu and Aruruu use to live got totally owned by this random army…then Aruruu was put to sleep by medication (napkin knockout gas ownage) made by Eruruu, but then Hakuoro uses that on her when she’s about to snap and cry. I was like…what the fuck at that time. Anyways everyone at the village dies…then one of the soldier dies in front of him that went to spy on the area and Hakuoro was like, “FUCK IT! I’M GONNA OWN SOME BITCHES!” and went on to send the army out to attack. It wasn’t long before they got surrounded by the enemy. The enemy leader claims that Hakuoro is a traitor and step-brother or something. Then everyone is like…*GASP!* and all.

I still have episodes missing, but I’m regaining my interesting in this. Also for a side note Eruruu is so cute in episode 10. I felt sad for how inferior she was facing Marura and her smooth, soft and silky body. Hah oh well Eruruu definately won for the best female in Utawarerumono, so far…



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