Naruto 202 Moving-On Special.

Alright. Fillers for Naruto finally end. In episode 202 we get to see some of the greatest battles in Naruto history…or so they say. They picked out the “top 5” battles chosen by the viewers (voters) and talked about it a little. There was also a special guest.

The battles went like this:

5th: Naruto Vs. Sasuke (Konoha Hospital Roof)

4th: Chouji Vs. Jirobou (Sasuke Chase Arc)

3rd: Kiba & Akamaru Vs. Sakon (Sasuke Chase Arc)

2nd: Neji Vs. Kidoumaru (Sasuke Chase Arc)
1st: Naruto Vs. Sasuke (Rival Final Battle)

Also Random Battles that made the list somehow.

Zabuza Vs. Kakashi (Water Country Arc)
Gai Vs. Kakashi (Rock-Paper-Scissors Arc)

Special Appearances?

Jiraiya was the special guest apparently, but then he’s like yeah I’m at some country’s hideout and look whose here with me *turns left* OROCHIMARU! and also you see Sasuke AND HE TALKS!. So yeah. It was a pretty good episode if you wanted to see some awesome battles. I personally liked the Neji battle and Naruto’s final battle.

Look forward to new episodes of Naruto starting on Thursday instead of Wednesday.



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