Death Note Ep 1

Alright, so Death Note just came out recently and after hearing so much about the manga from my friends I’ve decided to check it out and see how good it was [probably not the best way to go…]

Episode one was pretty weird. It really just introduced Light (the main character), Ryuk a shinigami that dropped his Death Note into the real world and thats about it. Death Note is a notebook that causes death (joy~). The way it works is by writing a person’s name down. In 40 seconds they will die from a heart attack if no cause was written. There are a lot of other stuff too, but I really can’t remember them all. One was like you have 6 minutes and 30 seconds to write the cause of death once started or something (must re-watch)

Well you can’t expect much from the first episode. All it really had besides intro of characters and Death Note instructions is Light testing out and going crazy on killing people with Death Note. Even so I must say the scene with Light writing down the names like crazy is pretty intense. Its like making a really boring scene into something extreme [rhyming was not part of the deal there…]

So yeah. Its worth downloading and I might actually get the Live-Action and Manga while I’m at it.



2 Responses to “Death Note Ep 1”

  1. I am just learning about anime, and I am thinking this ‘death note’ thing through. Not expecting anything from the first episode flies in the face of common sense – after all, isn’t the first episode a harbinger of all things to come? Is it possible that death note can turn on itself? Just a beginner wondering out loud.

  2. Death Note itself is just a notebook, but it causes death to a person when the name is written down. Death is only caused to those if the face is in mind (thus leaving the same-name factor out) and cause of death is usually a heart attack 40 seconds after writing down the name (unless specified.)

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