Bleach Ep 97 *I think* | Naruto Ep 202-203-204 *3 part special*


Bleach: Okay the bontou arc is really killing me but I must say the new OP and ED is really nice. Sources say Yui Horie did the OP or ED *don’t remember which one* but I don’t know…Too lazy to rewatch to see if its true. Well the whole episode was just Kenpachi and Ichinose fighting. The battle ends up being Ken-chan killing Ichinose. Ichinose realizes he wanted to fulfill his goal, but in turn he died for trying. Nothing amazingly special.

Naruto: Talks about Kurenai-sensei and her past with Yakumo (A girl who is from the Kuruma family…which is like the Uchiha family in some sense *shrugs*) and it tells that Kurenai sealed Yakumo’s genjutsu abilities. Yeah…pretty much its just a big battle between genjutsu people. Nothing much. New OP and ED is nice. Shows some time-skip characters. Nothing else really.



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