Super Robot Taisen OG: Divine Wars | Kanon (2006) Ep 01

Before I get to anything I’ll explain a little bit of these two anime a bit.

Super Robot Taisen (Wars) is a game made by Banpresto and its a turn-based strategy game (similar to Disgeae*sp?* and Fire Emblem). OG stands for Original Generation. Meaning you won’t see Wing Zero and Eva Unit 01 in the series on the same screen at the same time. SRW has a compilation of original characters and mechas along with other series such as Gundam, Evangelion, etc. The anime will be covering the Original Generation era only.

Kanon (2006) is a remake of the original Kanon. Kanon itself is an H-game made by Key that was later animated to make a series and a damn good one too. Key has also made AIR which some of you may of heard of already. Nothing much explaining here. Just know its a remake of the original anime.

SRW OG: DW (shortening things a lot): I must say I’m VERY impressed by the OP of the anime. It really brought out Banpresto and JAM Project. The series I think talks about the Ryusei joins the SRX team. It feels really weird, but looks awesome. I myself don’t fully know the story (because I can’t read Japanese) but since I’m a HUGE fan of the game and really love the original characters I’ll watch it. Kusuha looks funny, which really made me sad. Kusuha-sama T-T. Anywho the beginning talks about Ryu getting the mk-II mecha thing (which I think was presented in A.C.E. only *another game made by Banpresto*) and Kusuha doesn’t have any super power…ness….so much for trying to see Dragon-Tiger Lord. The beginning scene after the OP was pretty funny. It shows Ryu looking into a window that had a GaoGaiGar and something else model on display. Also it explained what Real and Super robots are.  Here’s my quick robot class for people who don’t know the difference.

Real: Usually uses military-like techniques such as MS-08 which I feel is infamous for implementing war-like battles that a human would go through. Mostly Gundams are considered Real-type.

Super: It means the mecha itself uses unconventional methods of beating the enemy to a bloody pulp. Usually enemies in a super series would be aliens or monsters. Examples of  super would be GaoGaiGar, Mazinger Z and Gette-Robo.

Hybrid: Hybrids are rare (extremely rare actually). They are a mix of both Super and Real. The only know series to have done that is Evangelion. Because Evangelions are living beings that are controlled by the pilot, but it uses conventional weapons in some sense (a rifle and knife), but also has that AT-Field and don’t forget the core and Berserker.

Anyways aside from that it was pretty good. Introduced a few things, but not much. The music is AWESOME. Kept all the music you would hear in the game when a curtain thing happens for example when something bad happens that EXACT same bgm would start playing. Now of course the anime version has a better OST sound-wise when it is compared to the game, but its still good they kept it like that.

Kanon: Okay I really don’t know what to say. I actually REALLY like the drawing style they used and it gave Jyuunich (please tell me I’m not thinking Da Capo right now…) a better look and he sounds a LOT like Kyon…I just realized that. The script is almost EXACTLY the same as the original Kanon and music is still the same. Ayu …ehh I don’t know…she seems a little crappier than what I’ve been told. She can’t beat the original Ayu…Nayuki is definitely on my favorite Kanon girl list this time around. She has that perky, girlish feel to her that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Not to mention she has an awesome mom and never seems to get enough alarm clocks to actually wake her up. She definitely has a very cute side to her. I also liked the fact that all the characters got at least SOME screen time. This is definitely going to be a good remake and hopefully the ending will be a LOT more sadder this time around (as if the first one wasn’t sad enough).



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