Death Note Ep 2 | Kanon (2006) Ep 2

Death Note: This episode was pretty cool. Shows how crazy Light-kun can get when he has the Death Note in hand. Ryuk told Light that if someone touches the Death Note then people will be able to see Ryuk. Light goes ahead and makes this CRAZY trap/safe that will protect the Death Note and his “justice.” His way is by making a false bottom on a top drawer then when that is flipped open wrongly then it will light the Death Note on fire. Pretty crazy. We also get to “see” L-kun and his awesomeness. The end was pretty cool though Light (A.K.A Kira) and L both said they were going to deliver their justice to one another. So the battle begins…

Kanon (2006): This episode was almost EXACTLY like the 2nd episode of the old one (hence the remake part). I actually really like the new one a lot more now. The kitsune girl (whatever her name was) looks a LOT cuter than her first form and her entry was pretty awesome, but I thought the cardboard box was more comical. We also got a sneak at Sayuri and Mai and Nayuki all “on top” of each other…and yes the quotes were needed. So yeah…Ayu is getting to be annoying. I can’t stand her now…She sounds a lot more annoying and looks fat (taiyaki much…) Yuuichi (FINALLY GOT IT ><!) is also a BIT more comical…like when he narrates parts. Second episode is a SUCCESS! Also because they had amazing Nayuki sleeping skills. She looked so cute in the “bed” scene when Yuuichi was waking her up. The only part that annoys the crap out of me is the voices. The way it was recorded always sounds weird, but oh well…big studio…



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