Melty Blood: Act Cadenza

Okay I recently just got Melty Blood. I found out about it not from the previous games or playing/watching Tsukihime, but from import sites and up-coming games. *this was awhile back* It was only then that I watched Tsukihime and got the other Melty Blood games for PC. Act Cadenza is for the PS2 and I must say…its actually one of my fighters as of right now.

It really puts a lot of different aspects of a 2-D fighter into the game, such as parry (shield), dodge, “burst”, special bar, and balance. I personally think the game is pretty balance, regardless of the fact that Vermillion Akiha has the crappiest defense and Warcuied can pretty much kill anyone once in mid-air.

I personally have not played Tsukihime yet, so I do not know the story behind it, but I have read some character descriptions and background description online. All the characters are diverse and I really like that.

I’m not great at it yet and I’m having lots of trouble learning the techniques and I find it somewhat annoying without the analog.

I’m hoping for a US release and yet not. If they port it to US thats great, but I’m also afraid of the changes and bad dubs and all….If they do it like Guilty Gear then I’m not that scared, but who knows.


P.S. I won’t update often due to school (gao…) and the lack of time. I’ll try my best to update as much as possible. gomen nasai mina~


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