Final Fantasy XII WooH~/Returning message~

Yes I’m still alive people. I’ve been extremely busy with school and procrastinating and crying at what to backup on my hard drive and not watching anime in the last 10 weeks – 2 months (until recently). Well what have I been doing with the time I was “dead”…Well….I was playing games…yes games. Out of watching anime which I rather prefer over games any day….

SO! What have I been playing? None other than Final Fantasy XII (12) of course! I “got” a copy of it almost 3 weeks  after the US release and I was happy when it finally finished [downloading]. I love the game. I also have the bonus DVD, but really I might actually by the special edition (if I still can) along with the limited edition guidebook. I already have the regular guidebook, but I want all the cool stuff with it ><! Yes I love the game enough to get it.

If you want to know where I stopped I’m at the part where you face that last boss in the dungeon with the two DemonWalls. I’m stuck at that part…And I haven’t played in awhile….so go figure.

Anyways as for anime I haven’t watched much and/or don’t remember enough to do my classic rambles and summaries (like anyone cares about them…) so yeah. I’m extremely behind in both school, games and anime, but that will all change soon.

I would like to thank people who’ve actually read stuff on this really crappy blog and also the people who visit (even if its a quick in and out….thats what she said….) So yes thank you people and I know its crappy….so I’m sorry about that.



One Response to “Final Fantasy XII WooH~/Returning message~”

  1. I don’t condone “copies” of games but I’ll comment on FFXII anyway.

    I would say FFXII is one of the best (if not best) Final Fantasy there is. The gameplay is a refreshing departure from the standard turn based rpg. Visually stunning from the gameplay graphics to the FMVs. Storyline so far has been excellent as far as I have gone. With that, the voice acting is actually quite good. Kind of surprising since most games have horrible voice acting.

    Overall one of the best games to be released in 2006. If you still have the chance to pick up the collectors edition w/strat guide… I suggest you get it ^.-

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