Mobile Suits, Guns, Katana, Loli, and a Third Eye?

Okay recently I’ve been doing two things. Finishing The Third and playing Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Rengou Vs. Z.A.F.T. II Plus (god thats a long name)

First off I’ll just say that The Third was pretty crappy when it came to maintaining their animation. The animation at times felt like Naruto…really lazy and awkward. For the most part the story was fairly decent, but not an amazing ending.

The Third follows a loli-rific female protagonist Honoka. She wields a katana and a handgun. Exceptionally skilled in the usage of her katana she earned the name “Sword Dancer.” She goes through many adventures and a lot happens…

Okay pretty much the anime isn’t smooth at times. They jump a bit which causes SOME confusion so there is not set plot until the end. The action is fairly good, but the humor they try to implement sucks. The anime has a more serious tone to it making humor hard to accept. In the end though it was a fairly good watch and I enjoyed it to the full extent (or what I think was my full extent) of what it was.

As for Gundam SEED Destiny: Rengou Vs Z.A.F.T. II Plus. The game is quite difficult in my opinion. The controls take a bit of time to get use to because I haven’t played a game such as GSD: Fed Vs ZAFT. As you could of guessed the ‘II’ suggests that this is the 2nd game of the Federation VS ZAFT series. The ‘Plus’ means that it has more than what the arcade version had to offer. My guess is that the units from StarGazer are the only addition along with the whole storyline thing. I personally found it funny that you can use the Live Performance Zaku that is seen in Destiny when Meer has her concert. The Zaku sucks beyond belief, but its a good comic relief if your looking to just have fun. Strike Noir feels extremely broken compared to most other units (Excluding Strike-Freedom, Destroy, and M.E.T.E.O.R. Unit + Freedom

The game offers a mode called ‘P.L.U.S.’ mode which is like playing through missions in a story like manner. Currently you start off with Shinn and you can play as other characters as the story progresses. You build your friendship and rivalry with people depending on the mission and how well it proceeded and leveling.

The arcade mode is pretty normal and nothing special. Once again it is different from any Mecha-piloting simulators I’ve played. It gives you the option of choosing a pilot for a mecha. What that means is I have have Kira piloting in Destroy or Lacus-sama piloting Strike-Freedom or StarGazer (because Lacus is just hawt and awesome like that.)

I see myself spending a lot of my Christmas vacation on more anime and games so I’ll keep everyone posted. Also as a note [Circus-Fetish] is releasing a fandisc that is titled: Circus Disc ~Christmas Days~. This is pretty old news, but for those who don’t know think Da Capo II with Kotori….and not old Kotori either…Da Capo Kotori. Now we can have a Kotori X Nanaka party (although I doubt that’ll be in the game). The game is set to be released on the 22nd of this month (WHICH IS TOMORROW!). The promotional song is also very good. I found the translation of the song to be titled something like ‘Retrieving in Santa Claus’ (never trust google translate…) So here is the promotional video on YouTube.

YouTube Video LINK HERE!!!


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