Journey for Phone/Cell Straps

While on a car ride back home I had a sudden “enlighten” moment where I went, “I want a Da Capo phone strap…” and so I went online and googled a bit to find some and for an hour or two I came across nothing… BUT! all hope isn’t lost for I found a Haruhi-ism strap which I want too. One site has it for $9.95 (USD) and another has it for $6.49 (USD). The more expensive one has a pretty crappy picture of it, but the cheaper one isn’t that amazing either.

I’m still searching for a few series to get phone straps for.(i.e: Gundam SEED (Destiny), Fate/Stay Night, Da Capo, Melty Blood/Tsukihime) so yeah. I’m probably being compulsive and just want it for the hell of spending my money on getting one, but hey I could care less… Now to only get my friend to help me order it because I can’t orz

Well I hope I come across a phone strap that I really want, but in the mean time I’ll probably go with the Haruhi-ism one to honor Haruhi and all her glory. May she watch over us in times of need.

$9.95 one here:!GMS

$6.49 one here:

If you guys come across a Da Capo strap (mainly themed with Nemu,  Kotori, or Nanaka) that’d be great ^^”. I’m such a failure orz



2 Responses to “Journey for Phone/Cell Straps”

  1. Whoa. I want that.

    I lost my Ed Elric cellphone strap a few days ago and nothing seems to be sufficient enough to replace it. T_T

    Uhm. Just another passing blogger. XD

  2. Reply to you comment:

    Naw, your blog doesn’t suck! It’s fun reading. :9

    And you’re right about Haruhi cosplaying, though I’m not sure here in the Philippines. Bleach cosplaying is waaay overkill here, though. Haha. XD

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