Naruto and Bleach Episode whatever…

Bleach’s Bontou arc JUST!!! finished at 109 and I am AMAZINGLY! happy about that. Thanks to this I don’t have to sit through stupid episodes or random scenes anymore…I liked it back in the day were it was more serious…but hey what’d you expect.

As for Naruto…the fillers are just going to kill me. My standards for a good Naruto episode has dropped so dramatically that if I were to re-watch the stupid ones such as the Ramen one then I’d probably laugh so hard that I’d explode from lack of oxygen. Good thing is February 15th or so will be the end of all Naruto filler season and start of Naruto 2…or the anime will be called Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles. Sources from who got sources from Shounen Jump.

Well I just stop watching fillers for a long period of time (for a good 2 months worth of Naruto/Bleach episodes) and then recently I just started watching from where I left off because something about having all the episodes makes me satisfied.



2 Responses to “Naruto and Bleach Episode whatever…”

  1. are bleach fillers already finished? I don’t want to watch it either so I just read the manga instead. I hope they will be airing the “more serious” episodes.

  2. Goshdarnit. The Naruto fillers are also killing me. D:

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