Tsukihime. Serious Business.

Alright so I recently got Tsukihime and the English patch so that I may learn more of the Tsukihime world instead of reading blogs and sites for that. Its also quite depressing at how much the anime strayed away from the actual story, but I’ll get into that later.

Friday, January 12, 2007, about 5pm-9pm: Played through the beginning of the game till the 2nd day-ish. The game is quite long and it takes a lot of time. I’m not one of those people who got this for the HCGs (although the drawings aren’t amazing either…so I don’t see why people would). It was pretty much what I’d expect in a graphic novel though….extremely heavy text-based….(no shit…)

Saturday, January 13, 2007, about 8-9pm: Played through till the part where Shiki kills Arcuied (P.S. I AM NOT! I REPEAT AM NOT! using the walkthrough or anything … just on pure knowledge of what feels right to me.) and before I stopped I was at the dead-end alley way about to be “killed” by Arcuied (Nice job Shiki…now only did you almost orgasm from killing Arc, but you ran your head into a wall while in a dead-end alleyway ><!)

So the game itself is progressing EXTREMELY!!! slow, but it is very very good. The English patch DOES! have a ‘Safe For Work’ patch which removes all the HCGs from the game and makes it the perfect console port on the PC. I’m using the v1.0 English Patch from Mirror Moon (there’s a more updated version which is 1.1) and it only has a few minor errors here and there, but still work-able.

From what I’ve play so far the game is EXTREMELY! different than the anime. A few things I’ve noticed:

Television Issue:

-Game: Kohaku has a TV in her room
-Anime: no one has one

Killing Arcuied:

-Game: Shiki goes to her apartment which he then proceeded to kill her at her room
-Anime: Shiki runs after her and she’s running from him then bam…

“First meet” w/ Ciel

-Game: She was annoyed by the garden splints and Shiki noticed her working
-Anime: He sees her through the window and meets up later in the hallway

Arc’s alive~

-Game: She smiled at Shiki and was quite friendly about her death
-Anime: She threatens Shiki like no tomorrow, but still friendly…?

So yeah…there you have it. Its quite awesome of a story. I can’t wait for a Fate/Stay Night English patch.



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