Bleach…its hilarious~

So after watching episode 111 I’ve realize just how amazingly stupid it was…not to mention how amazingly close to Naruto it was (besides the fact its made by the same company).

Lets start off with the similarities of Naruto.

So Ishida has the same voice actor as Sasuke…well Ishida has no powers and is able to regain his powers from his dad only if he doesn’t involve himself with the Shinigami anymore. Sasuke was given power, but seeks more, but in order to do so he must betray is village…hmmm….this is gonna end up the same I see…Ishida turns bad…Ichigo pulls a Naruto and tries to save him…WOO~

Okay now for stupid and the “what the fuck” moments.

-Ishida: *talking to his Father* I THOUGHT YOU DIDN’T HAVE QUINCY POWERS!

(Oh really Ishida…He’s your damn father…he is a quincy you know…)

-*moment* Kurosaki Isshin….a Shinigami?

(Apparently…Ichigo’s dad is a Shinigami…and a pretty damn powerful one too…he’s pretty smart and hella strong…I “what the fucked” at that moment for him being such an awesome person….explains why Ichigo’s reiatsu is so strong…

So yeah……..mostly the episode was composed of Family traits that would lead to their youth to have powers….I have a feeling the Hollow-Shinigami arc will also compose of their families doing something….this might be interesting.

SO yeah………..Ishida apparently can also chant in German >.> go figure.



One Response to “Bleach…its hilarious~”

  1. OMG.

    Well, actually, I’m not that surprised.

    I’m looking forward to an episode of the families doing something cool, though!

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