DL’ed games + Me = orz

Okay so recently I tried to get Fate/Sword Dance (a doujin-fighter based on Type-Moons famous graphic-novel/eroge/H-game Fate/Stay Night) and well…lets just say its not really working…I got two different versions of it and all, but I still can’t figure out whats wrong with it. I guess this is a curse for downloading games >.> Oh well..I guess you can’t always have it your way…considering we’re not the king of Burger King….

In order to make up for this I got M.U.G.E.N. instead (it is a “open-source?” software that allows you to import custom characters, stages, lifebars, etc.). It took me about a whole day just setting stuff up, figuring out everything, finding files, and all that fun stuff. The game itself is probably the most broken 2-D fighter ever…but then again I can make it extremely cheap…like…using Light. Yes my roaster has Light in it and he can kill people with a one hit move…his move list only consist of 3 moves and he stationary from where he stands and his life is drained faster than you can say ‘gao’.

Aside from fudging around with MUGEN and Fate/Sword Dance I decided that I would start playing Counter-Strike again. Yes the game that slowly ate at my soul a 2-3 years back will probably be revived. The only problem is I don’t remember my steam account, I don’t have the hard drive space to do it, and my computer sucks at games beyond belief now….

In the end…I’ll probably end up just screwing it over and not caring….*sigh* I want to watch new anime series…damn my and my lack of hard drives. orz



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