Z Gundam: A New Translation

For some reason I was in the mood to watch Z Gundam, so I asked around and people told me to just watch the movie since it wasn’t amazing apparently.

The movies were apparently the series? made into a movie with added scenes to make it more of a movie feel (correct me if I’m wrong). Well as anyone would imagine you’d expect the whole movie to just borrow scenes and boost up quality…well your wrong. It kept the quality of the series with really high quality added scenes. Constantly you’d see really nice computer colored drawings to the old school feel drawings.

The movie progressed pretty nicely. The story follows a kid named Camille(sp?) *pronounced something to like ka-mi-u* who….steals Gundam Mark II (as suppose to Gundam Mark I -.-) and then everything gets blurry from there. The movie had its good line of really weird and awkward situations. Example would be Camille trying to kiss Fa, but their both wearing space helmets…In the end Fa ends up laughing and saying Yaa~ ❤ *yes heart is needed* which made me to conclude Camille wanted to have sweet hawt space sex. Other one I can think of is at the last scene when Camille and Fa get out of their mobile suits and start hugging and all. The position they were in …. well Fa was really wrapped around Camille…lets just say they wanted sweet hawt sex love or something.

Aside from those the movie did a pretty decent job at showing the Zeta series (I think since I haven’t seen the original Zeta series) and some parts were really confusing. First off….Amaro wasn’t heard from again after Camille went to space…I was expecting Amaro to come in and be badass, but now. The other thing is the whole Quattro being Char thing. I though Char dies…but apparently not. Also we don’t know if Char really dies in the end…he explodes a ship with him inside and we never hear anything about him ever again. A whole lot of weird stuff happen along the way too…oh well I guess thats what you get for using NewTypes.  I personally think the movie will be somewhat confusing if the viewer had no exposer to the One Year War or even just the old school Gundam series in general. I personally get a lot of the series from playing Super Robot Wars (I just read translation guides to understand what is being said) and Another Century’s Episode (which again I read translation notes and the missions correspond with events in the series thats being represented). So yeah.

In the end I think I’ll recommend this to anyone who is a fan of gundam (Gundam SEED Destiny does not count because it sucked…Shinn and his emo-ness. I will also recommend looking back at the old series to understand the characters and story more (which I will do).

I enjoy the older series more than the newer series of Gundam. Reason is because the old series the protagonist can die or get damaged during most of his/her battles, while in the new one the protagonist can just kill everyone without being scratched or damaged at all…worst possible event happening to the protagonist is either running out of ammo and then using self destruct or running out of energy where you then need to use your crappy knife that can still kill. Not to mention the people who have a face in the series are usually elite pilots that can last at least 10 battles continuously in old series where as the new ones no matter how elite they are as long as their not extremely important to the plot (unless being killed is one of them) they will be shot down usually during the 2nd or 3rd battle for something stupid like…being surprised attack or something.




One Response to “Z Gundam: A New Translation”

  1. I watched the original Gundam Zeta and I got pretty obsessed with it. Camille, though, by far, was one of the most emotional main characters to have ever graced the Gundam series. Haha. XD

    Amuro appeared in the series, along with Sayla Mass and Char (with his 70s glasses! *heart*). I have no idea what happened to them later on. I wasn’t able to finish the series. D:

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