Code Geass Ep 14

Just watched the 14th episode of Code Geass. Its getting extremely interesting, but I already predicted some of the stuff that would of happened in 14 (almost like Lelouch pulling a ‘Light’ on us and going crazy). Here is an overview of what we saw.

Lelouch tries to find who saw him

Finds out it was Shirley

Uses Geass on Shirley to make her forget him and everything he is connected to

So yeah. A more in-depth summary would be this.

C.C. tells everyone that Lelouch is all right, but Lelouch is afraid because he saw blood of two people. One blood sample was his the other was someone else. He goes frantic and decides to figure out who it is. Calls up the academy to see if anything was strange, but nothing was except for Shirley being out, so he searches Shirley’s room (fuckin’ horney ass dude needs to get laid…C.C. is just asking to be raped, so hey he should get far >.>) and found pictures of him and Shirley. He goes to find Shirley in Narita where she is captured by this dude who wants to face Lelouch in Chess. He has Geass too, but only its a lot cooler and stronger? and reads minds. Lelouch loses at his own game and is about to be shot at. Shirley misses and a whole lot of screaming happens. The dude turns out to be called Mao who is in love and I mean the stalkerish kind of love with C.C. and he got off at C.C. wearing a gothic-loli dress. Lelouch and Shirley ’embrace’ each other where he then proceeded to ‘Geass her up’. She forgets everything and the episode ends.

Now I knew Lelouch was going to use Geass on Shirley to make her forget, but the way he did it and the scene was more than I was expecting. I also didn’t realize how crazy Lelouch is until 14 when someone saw his face. The next episode (coming up episodes) the lady that was Geass’d first (the lady who got her Knightmare-frame stolen from her) will probably tell the Order of the Black Knights who Zero is or Ougi-san will somehow turn the Order of the Black Knights around against Zero. Either way Lelouch is screwed.

On the other note I must say this.

Mao is too horny for C.C.

C.C. really wants to get laid with Lelouch…

Lelouch…has trouble with females

Suzaku….Cats are not his friend

Chick with green hair…is a flaming lesbian who loves Euphie-sama to death (sp?)

Shirley…She may never love again….

Kallen…Should hook up with Lelouch ><!



EDIT!: My friend found this. Props goes to him for finding it.


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