I wish a day had more hours. I can never find enough time to do anything. I’d get home from school and the next thing you’ll know is its already 6 and dinner is ready. Basically I come home and do absolutely NOTHING! (unless you count watching anime and being ‘unproductive’ something) and after that I procrastinate my homework. Currently I am still procrastinating/in the process of doing my work. If a day had more hours it’d be cool because then we have more time to do stuff. Of course those extra hours will also help me catch up on tons of anime that I need to finish and/or start, which is sad considering I have so much stuff and yet 10-20% of it is something I haven’t started watching yet or its just on hold from my list of MUST FINISH BEFORE DEATH! thing.

Well…I wish I had some kind of way to get through this. I wish I had Geass or a Death Note…yeah…that’d be cool….although the Death Note is kind of going to a little too much extreme I wouldn’t mind having Geass….and C.C. just asking to be raped (because Lelouch won’t do anything I might as well take the initiative….although I much rather prefer Kallen-chan ^^). Actually I wish the whole stereotypes of Asians kick in…you know like how we can make our homework done just by looking at it or being able to shit out technology and all that fun stuff, but I guess stereotypes aren’t true after all (or in that matter).

Well its already 12:15am here and I seriously need to sleep. I guess I’ll procrastinate/not care about my Chinese HW…. orz I wish I was mandarin and could type and read Chinese faster…DAMN YOU AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR KILLING MY CANTONESE AND CHINESE ABILITIES!! >< orz

BTW I’m Chinese if that wasn’t blatant enough.



2 Responses to “I DEMAND MORE HOURS!”

  1. Mmmmm. L. :9


    I totally feel for you! I never have time do anything productive once I get home. I have soccer practice and it consumes my time till… oh, gosh, 7PM? Then dinner, then PARAAAAKISSS. I have no time for homework! D:

  2. Oh, lolz, well, you have it better than some of my Singaporean friends. Learn Chinese in school but totally suxxor at it anyway. If you can at least read Chinese in America, I’ld say your not that bad off…

    Oh, if you think that having to stop at 12AM is bad, I have to stop earlier. I’m not going to crap on about time management and stuff, but seriously, it’s more a matter of slipping in a few minutes here and there to write stuff and whatnot. Think of the ideas somewhere else besides your computer screen.

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