Naruto 217 and 218 + Bleach 112

Naruto: Okay this filler….SUCKS! They story follows Gaara and co in order to save….HIS STUDENT WOO! BUT! Whats this…Gaara…being good and nice?! What the hell?! They toned down Gaara so much that he might as well be as weak as Ino-san in this filler. Ino gets raped, Sakura heals, Rock Lee gets owned, Naruto doesn’t do shit, Kiba is actually doing something helpful for once, Shino, Hinata and Neji gets no action what-so-ever, Temari + Shikamaru are having a love-love relationship in the middle of a battle, Chouji is like….I’m fat….and Kankuro is like MY PUPPET DIED AND DIVIDED BY ZERO O SHI-. So yeah. The fillers REALLY suck. And guess what?! Next episode continues THIS! Filler. Hell the only good thing about this filler is Naruto NOT! Doing Rasengan….yet. So its all good for now. Good news is next week will be the last filler that means 2 more episodes (including this weeks) of fillers than to….. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN! Or! Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles! WOOH~ Or Naruto 2 if you wanna call it that. I hope Kakashi Gaiden is shown because I’ve been spoiled beyond belief on Naru. 2.

Bleach: O SHI- so much randomness. Okay this episode was serious…..then had this HUGE! gap of just jokes which kind of annoyed me, but its okay since Bleach is doing hella lot better than before. Ishida pulled a Sasuke (given that they are the same seiyuu….ironically) and Ichigo is like….fuckin’ A! While Sado-kun and Orihime-san are like….what the fuck just happened. Its really fucked up. Nothing really special….just learn stuff about Vaissares (sp?) and Arccuad (sp?) or whatever they are called. Kurosaki Isshin is still….badass.



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