Naruto 219, Bleach 113, Code Geass 14

I watched these yesterday but due to recent events I didn’t have much time to actually write out a good long summary even though some deserve less mentioning than others. (read my xanga for info on why I couldn’t type yesterday…actually it was more like…I felt no reason to blog here yesterday xD).

Naruto: Okay. First off…Naruto became this crappy ass ninja within seconds. I mean…I’d expect Naruto to do at least ONE! Rasengan, but no…not yet. Not even a charge up of one or anything….Just…him with a kunai stabbing at a metallic freakin’ dome. Gaara is like….Oh shit Shukaku is coming out ><! and people are like….fuck Gaara went crazy. The episode is sucking too much. I mean the ramen filler episode was even better than this.

Bleach: Sado-kun gets destroyed by the Arrancad (sp?), Inoue-chan was about to get “raped” until Ichigo came in and saved the day. The episode wasn’t as good as the previous two but its getting places. The plot is unfolding quite well and I’m hoping that the next episode will be amazingly filler with action for me to write about. As for this episode…nothing much, but some parts were cool for the few seconds that it lasted.

Code Geass: Wow…just…wow Lelouch once again lives another day without anyone knowing he’s Zero. Thank god that lady (I don’t care much for her) gain amnesia when she awoke. Also she was NAKED! BOOBIES! Anyways aside from that the scene was pretty intense. Ougi-san was like, “about Zero”… and then BAM! she pulls, “where am I…Zero…whats that?” move on him. I think C.C. is really horny for Lelouch like Mao is horny for C.C. I really like the way C.C.’s past is somewhat reviled, but still needs more time for it to show up. C.C. is an awesome character and I always imagine her being this cute and innocent girl, but she is the exact opposite of that. Besides she kicks high (Nice Angle! *thumbs up*). I can’t wait till the Lancelot recieves the aile booster backpack. Next thing we know it will have phase-shift armor and Suzaku will gain NewType abilities.

My view on Code Geass is this. Gundam + Death Note + Air Gear = Code Geass. Think about it. The mechas have whiles similar to that of ATs kind of…and Zero is like…Bitch…I’m crazy….don’t fuck with me. So! you can just imagine the combination…really fucked up. Not to mention Clamps’ tendency to make all the male characters (usually just the protagonist and antagonist and any relevant characters) look like they are hard for each other. At least not much shounen-ai feel to it…

Speaking of Shounen-ai in my schools anime club we are watching Princess Tutu (it is actually pretty good regardless of the shoujo theme…then again I like shoujo being a guy….yeah…I’m a sucker for anything) and I must say….Fakir the most aggressive seme character I’ve seen. Mytho is the uke apparently…which is pretty easy to see. I’ll probably download “obtain” a copy sometime over the months.



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