Bleach 114 + Code Geass 16 & Picture Book

Bleach: Wow…this episode basically was just everyone being depressed. Ichigo gets owned. Orihime and Sado are pretty much gone (not dead, but injured) and Ichigo is just like “I hate my life.” At the end of the episode Toshiro, Matsumoto, Renji, and others come to the real world to fight with Ichigo. Rukia also makes a “badass” appearance at the end. Matsumoto + School Uniform = Hawtness….actually she just looks like a big-breasted slut. Orihime lost in size…anyways! nothing much. Ichigo goes Bankai! and it was pretty badass. Thats about it.

Code Geass: Okay what the hell. Mao is still alive and kidnaps Nannally. Bad move because Lelouch went crazy. Suzaku also helped. It was pretty badass because Suzaku has amazing speed in real life…he also is a father killer. Lelouch used Geass on himself to make him forget….which is pretty badass. C.C. kills Mao….hopefully. The episode was one of those you had to watch to like.

The picture book is awesome. Suzaku apparently hated the Britannians and Lelouch was pro for Brit. Now its like the exact opposite. Pretty short, but kind of cool at the same time.



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