Naruto is finally over BELIEVE IT!

With a full 220 episodes since October 2003. Naruto has finally ended. The year long fillers are finally over and Naruto will have no more episodes after that.

In the very last filler Gaara finally kills off Seimei with this weird spear thing that was titled something like the Absolute Weapon or what-not.

After that we have everyone talking about Naruto going with Jiraiya to train for a long time and everyone is like…We must become strong too and stuff. Ino trains as a Medic Ninja which is special I guess and everyone else is training on their own. Tenten is pissed on not going on the mission that everyone just got back from and Shikamaru is assigned new missions as a way to improve himself because the last mission blew apparently according to Tsunade.

Naruto with its 220 episodes will now end.

Next week will be the start of a new series. Naruto Shippuden or Naruto: Hurricane Chronicles. Be sure to watch it! BELIEVE IT!

Also episodes will now start at episode 1 when Naru. Ship. starts.



One Response to “Naruto is finally over BELIEVE IT!”

  1. I can’t wait for Naruto Shippuden. :9

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