Danbooru Dead?

Alright so with any other day I like to check Danbooru for no apparent reason and see what I can find (like the cute chibi Karen on top of her chibi Guren Mk. II picture), but for some reason when I went on it around 3-ish it has stated that it is dead. Now…how true is this is unknown. It might be pulling a HongFire and U.S. is trying to take it down for having loli images there. Or it might full a 5chan and never be revived again. We may never know. I must say Danbooru was my outlet for pictures and wallpapers like HongFire and sometimes 4chan or any of the chan or ch boards when I have nothing better to do. Hopefully Danbooru isn’t dead and is just having some minor technique difficulties.

In other news I will update on all the stuff I was gonna update on sometime….when I have the time to create a good post.



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