Doujin fun for me and you.

Alright so since I have nothing better to talk about (still depressed at not being able to spend my time on Danbooru for a few hours doing absolutely nothing relevant to my survival…or so I think) I decided to go online to look for a few Doujin-soft. Recently I’ve been playing Porindama Online (A Puyo-puyo like game of Ragnarok Online. It’s an H-doujin-soft). It was made by the company [cosplay teahouse soft] <–which is a translation of コスプレ喫茶娘々 apparently (No I do not know Japanese and I get the Japanese from online sources *cough* HongFire *cough* and used copypasta). The game is quite fun for I have just played Puyo-Puyo Fever 2 for the PS2 recently with a few of my friends.

Its funny how I learned about Puyo-puyo through Genshiken (the ever so amazing anime about Otaku lifestyle…not meant to be taken seriously). So yeah. The company also did another Doujin-soft with Ragnarok, but this time its bomberman. 3D plains, but using sprite characters. That is also fun because your killing porings to then get H-scenes…I wish I actually knew what was going on because there seems to be some funny dialog … oh well. Also played the Nanoha doujin shmup (sp?) which doesn’t contain any H I think… (before I go further I must tell you that the bomberman and shmup being mentioned right now are only demo/trial versions and not the full version). The first version of the Nanoha game was EXTREMELY slow for its genre. The second version was a little better. Not to mention you could play as Fate-chan in the second version. Must put penis in Fate…

Anyways with that being said I am downloading a few doujin-soft which includes Tobi Tsukihime (a Tsukihime shmup) and it features Kohaku and Ren/Len. Yes a cat is fine too people ><! and so is Kohaku…although she’ll kill my family… OTL

Might go and play stepmania again for the 10th time today because I have no life like that for I am Asian. GOOD DAY SIR!


P.S. sorry for unorganized rambles/rants/or whatever the hell you want to call it.


One Response to “Doujin fun for me and you.”

  1. Kwaah! I also learned about Puyo Puyo in Genshiken! Haha. XD

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