Danbooru recover coverage.

With Danbooru dead, many otakus crying in the corner, and a few people with remains of Danbooru; few danbooru-like sites have popped up. As one major one (more like I saw it on Lolifox home) Sagubooru. Its still kind of unstable and really hard to access. [http://foone.org/tinyboofoo/index.py] still contains remains of Danbooru so you can check around there, although not amazing. A few danbooru-like H boards have started up also although still very new and not amazing and probably temporary. I won’t link those to keep this site a little SFW. You can check around to find them, which might be hard. I recommend people working with the remains at the tinyboofoo site or Sagubooru which is quite unstable and extremely laggy to access. If anything comes up I will keep people posted. If you find other scattered projects running similar to Danbooru feel free to share. By doing so you will save many otakus from death or going back to 4chan or something similar. (which could be fine for some and horrid for others)



One Response to “Danbooru recover coverage.”

  1. Nuuu! Batora-zu isn’t a bishounen game! It’s definitely bishoujo if boys that hot appear and there only happens to be one girl (which you plaaaay)!

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