Loli-battle comes to an end. Everything is lost.

Some may know or not know had a loli battle to decide who would be victorious and queen of the loli. It was a rigorous for some and a breeze for others *cough* Loli-in-a-bag *cough*, but in the end it was a somewhat fair fight with very good, and some not so good, match ups.

Now with the battle over and the dust clearing over the battle field you can see Shana standing victorious after a tough fight with Fate. Although she stands it wasn’t an easy battle. Shana has definitely won my heart in favorite loli along with many more, but the people have spoken and they demand Shana over Fate. Fate comes in second by only 100- votes. Kyon no Imouto is third with Takamachi Nanoha in 4th (this is based on the amount of votes each got during their respected semi-final battle).

For more info about the battle, go visit lolitron. IT WAS A BITTER-SWEET ENDING FOR ALL LOLI!


In celebration to Shana’s victory, we present her with the seal of approval (photoshop by someone…found on Lolitron)


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