GetBackers = Brokeback Mountain + Religion and super powers…

Okay I just finish watching the whole series of GetBackers and from what I saw I can sum up my feelings into this…: What the fuck did I just watch…Where was the plot? What?. So yes the anime left me with a bunch of plot-holes…More than Evangelion did. At least Evangelion made somewhat sense in the end….

So GetBackers follows two retrieval agents. Midou Ban and Ginji (I don’t know his last name…). Their job is to be the gayest couple in a series yet (jk). Their job is to retrieve stuff thats been taken away and their success rate is 100%. There is nothing that they can’t get back. With that said we move on the the Infinite Castle (Yes its not the impenetrable fortress…why else did the story involve them going INTO the so called impenetrable fortress…its not even a fortress -.-). As I was saying we move on to the Infinite Castle where most of the plot takes place. After that we leave for a bit to have some rest then back again where the story then ends leaving you confused on most of what happened.

You learn some history of Juubei, Kazuki, Toshiki, Makubex, Ginji, Ban, Himiko, Shido, Fuudo, Temeshiki(sp?), Hevn, Emishi, and pretty much most of the cast BUT! we never learned this…What is the last children thing about….What happens in the end…we end off having Ban punch Kagami and then they leave. I was really confused. The whole anime all together wasn’t bad, but it lacked story…I demand that the GetBackers retrieve the missing plot! …. The only reason why I kept watching was because of Natsumi-chan and Sakura-san. They kept the anime in my opinion even though they were minor characters.

All in all there isn’t much to explain when it comes to story…just a whole lot of yaoi situations and DBZ-like fighting…


P.S. I know I haven’t updated on Code Geass, Bleach, Naruto or anything else, so I’ll get to it when I can.

NEXT ANIME: Zero no Tsukaima. =D


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