Zero no Tsukaima

I have recently finished the first season of Zero no Tsukaima (talking as if second season was out already) and I must say I really enjoyed it regardless of the lack of episodes and smooth transitions.

Plot: The plot follows Louise (whatever her whole name is…) who goes to a magic school (Think Harry Potter…). She is in her second year and all second year students must summon a familiar (Tsukaima). Louise somehow manages to summon a ‘commoner’ to become her familiar. His name is Saito. He comes from Earth (because Louise and people are on some weird area….) and he was just minding his own business until he found himself summoned as a familiar. The story goes that Saito…being a commoner and all he is a Grandlfe (sp?) who is able to wield any weapon as if he has mastered the skill of using it. He of course is a legendary familiar….Then you follow the adventures that involves some relationship development between Louise and Saito and the crazy things that happen along the way.

Okay this anime wasn’t bad, but was REALLY short and lacked a smooth transition. Louise has the same seiyuu as Shana from Shakugan no Shana…so you could only guess. Instead of Shana’s ‘urusai’ Louise says ‘baka’. Basically you see her chaining baka as if it was Suiseiseki’s ‘desu’. I personally liked the fact that it even had a story to begin with and there was some mystery and the whole thing on how the people in the ‘magical’ world did not know anything about Earth or anything like that. It was funny because conventional weapons from Earth could take down dragons and golems and all. It was awesome.

I can’t wait till the second season and hope the story actually develops instead of it being Saito X Louise for 1 minute then fanservice the next… Mild fanservice was shown.

Overall I’d say a 7-8 out of 10 *shrugs*



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