Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: StrikerS Ep 1

Alright Episode one is finally subbed. Thanks to everyone at [yesy] for subbing Nanoha StrikerS although I wish the original RAW wasn’t so low quality. Anyways the story starts off at a weird area talking about Subaru’s childhood on how she met Nanoha. It then goes to Subaru and Tea-chan taking their test to get into B-rank (Naruto’s Chuunin exam much???). The episode itself wasn’t bad. You see Rein Zwei (Reinforce Chibi-mode), Hayate, Fate, Nanoha, Subaru, and Tea. Nanoha doesn’t look THAT! bad, but I still dislike how she looks in her Barrier Jacket…

Nanoha also maintained her yuri-ness. It was funny…I think Fate might be jealous of Subaru taking her Nanoha away (kidding). Anyways its a really good watch and I REALLY recommend that people watch it, but should watch Nanoha and Nanoha: A’s first. I can’t wait to see some really battles. Also Subaru can do Divine Buster…a more bootleg version of it, but still Divine Buster none-the-less…..



P.S. I will SERIOUSLY! do some updating on Code Geass, Bleach and Shippuuden when I get the time. Recently I’ve been procrastinating on my homework and that’s dragging me done. I’ve become lazy again…


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