Claymore Ep1 + Hidamari Sketch Ep1

Recently watched Hidamari Sketch and the newest release in Japan, Claymore. Also downloading Murder Princess.

Claymore: Starts off with a pretty brutal battle between a ‘Yoma’ and a Claymore. Claymores are half-human and half-yoma (a hanyou if you will). They are given the nickname ‘Silver-Eyed Witches’ for their eyes are silver. They turn gold when fighting a Yoma. They have the ability to seek out a Yoma when they hid themselves as humans. Yomas eat people’s guts. The main characters so are are Ralik(sp?) and Clare. Ralik is a villager in which a Yoma has been attacking. His parents were killed by the Yoma and it apparently took possession of his brother’s mind and body, causing a perfect disguise from everyone. A Claymore was requested to exterminate the yoma. Thus the story begins from there. Ralik was kicked out of his village and now journeys with Clare.

Hidamari Sketch: A very ‘happy’ anime. Lots of moe in it I’d say. Extremely cute. I couldn’t really follow along with the story or characters, but it was definitely entertaining watching it. Just the extreme cuteness and lolirific theme got to me (although they are probably not loli…) Quite recommended. The style is weird. It uses real photos along with normal artwork which causes a weird blend, but quite interesting nonetheless.


P.S. I shall update on Murder Princess later and might start watching Ikkitousen ~Dragon Destiny~ (HURRAY FOR FANSERVICE!)


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