Slight update.

Alright so a small update on whats going on.

Recently I’ve been watching:

-Hayate no Gotoku
-Romeo X Juliet
-Kaze no Stigma
-Naruto Shippuuden
-Murder Princess
-Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: StrikerS

and I know I haven’t updated on any of the old stuff in awhile. I apologies for this. Due to my lack of effort and just pure laziness I find myself on 4chan, youtube, or some random place for no reason (Don’t worry I only go on 4chan when I get REALLY! bored and only look at the posts…I don’t post there…) Or sometimes end up reading web comics.

My week of vacation hasn’t been much special. I’ve received God of War II for the PS2 as a late B-day gift from my friends. I then find out my PS2 memory cards are either screwed up or full (I have a 16mb Third party memory card and the 8mb song memory card). I’ve tried playing some Generation of Chaos on my PSP, but got really pissed and confused that I kind of gave up. In the end I ended up playing Super Robot Taisen(Wars) Alpha 3.

SRW has been my favorite series since I first played it (which was when I was 5 playing it for the SNES or something…) I never really understood the story considering I don’t know Japanese, but I manage to play the game fairly fine. I have not beaten Alpha 1 or 2 yet, but to me I just want to play whatever is more entertaining…which is Alpha 3.

I will try my hardest to update on everything that I need to in the coming month (thats what I always say…)

Also I will update during Anime Boston. I’ll keep people posted on the con and give you my review of the con and my first con experience. Joy~



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