Anime Boston ’07 [Day 2]

Whats up everyone. Just got back from my 2nd day of AB ’07. Half way over, but not quite there just yet! Well today I started off at the Video Game room where I played Naruto Accel and lost. Played Gundam SEED: O.M.N.I. Vs Z.A.F.T. and lost. Played Melty Blood Act Cadenza…and lost. So pretty much I got raped in all the games I “own”. I then proceeded to get a scone for breakfast. It was pretty good, but not that amazing. Went to the AMV Contest (2nd viewing) when it was about to start because I couldn’t be at the first viewing yesterday night. The AMVs I saw were both AMAZING and crappy. The amazing ones are just TOO good for words and you will have to see it for yourself. The crappy ones are just really random in my opinion, but hey I still give my props to the people who made them since I know the pain and hardship of even getting an AMV that is good. I then proceeded to walk back and forth between the Dealer Room and Video Game room. In total so far I have bought at least 100 dollars worth of Manga (I’m sure of it!) and also bought a figurine (the Rei Angel figurine thingy…I wanted it for awhile…). Later on after getting Wendy’s for lunch I proceeded to make my final decision and bought the Hi-Nu Gundam kit. It was 85 dollars and wasn’t bad in my opinion. It was either that or see how much the Limited Anniversary Eva unit 01 kit was…or buy the $150? Zero Custom kit. Well after that I just kind of walked around. Went to the Masquerade, but had to leave after they did the Ninja Tetris skit. I started at the part half way through the Mario cosplayers playing the Mario Themes on guitars. The whole day was pretty fun and I can’t wait for tomorrow. Looking forward to a lot of the shows! Until next time.



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