Anime Boston [Day 3]

[Straight from my Xanga]

With the last day of AB there’s nothing better to end it with…SHOPPING! oh yeah and also Cosplay Chess! I went to see the whole thing and still managed to have 45 minutes for dealers room to do my last minute shopping/”stealing” the sales. The Dealers room had an area with many Haruhi Para Para dancers. Haruhi-sama has apparently reached the hearts of many in the US too. The cosplay chess was awesome. With Cloud booting Sephorothe (please feel free to kill me FF7 fans for I can’t spell his name T-T) and having the lines. “This Is Madness!” and “Madness….THIS. IS. MIDGARD!” 300 reference. A Lacus cosplayer was also a chess piece. I kind of cried on the inside when they said Lacus singing bad songs. Rei Tanaka is definitely a good singer! Screw the English dub. JAPANESE FOR THE WIN!. It was also funny having Chii next to Lacus due to the fact its the same seiyuu! Rei Tanaka FOR THE WIN!. The whole chess game was awesome filled with many pauses of just random crap happening. A Leroy Jenkins raid, Hallow chasing, and Aizen seeking an audience…Oh yeah…and Scar being….um yeah… Well I spend quite a lot on just manga. Got over 15 manga at the dealers total. Bought some figurines and a phone strap that I wanted. Also got a Tenjou Tenge wallscroll of Loli Natsumi(I hope that was the right name…) since the other stuff were either gone or too ecchi for my house…even though the wallscroll I got is pretty ecchi…not that bad. Also I got a “Hentai-Free” shirt and a Domo-kun hat because Domo-kun OWNS YOU ALL! In the end everyone kind of left or wasn’t there so I hung out with myself… Oh well. UNTIL NEXT YEAR!


P.S. I’ll have a ‘Lost My Wallet’ post later on the stuff I bought through the three days.


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