Tsukihime + Shakugan no Shana Vol 1 (Manga)

Okay this is my first time doing a review/update on manga, so bear with me here.

Shakugan no Shana: While reading the manga I found myself recalling every scene exactly as they should be. The anime added a bit more, but other than that the conversion between the two was great. VIZ did an OKAY job at translating it, but I rather read the scanlations. I get somewhat annoyed while reading the official English version just because they translate some things into English while others have their roman names (romanji). It doesn’t get in the way too much, but just the fact that I’m use to terms such as ‘Guze’ and all that stuff it makes reading it weird.  Overall though I felt really happy buying it because Shakugan no Shana became my favorite anime right after I watched it. Official artwork is done by Noizi Ito, who is actually extremely well know from what I know. Also the fact that the names are First Name, Last Name instead of Last Name, First Name annoys me, but thats just official English releases in general.

Tsukihime: The manga is really great. The anime could not fully bring out the store, but the manga has really done its fair share of trying hard to capture the store so that people who have not played the game yet will know it somewhat. I still dislike the fact that the manga doesn’t follow some parts of the original story, but I can’t do much about it. Drawings are really great. Love it a lot more than the anime because the anime made all the characters look like guys…They turned Kohaku into this…I don’t know what. I just disliked the anime’s art-style in general I guess. The whole Nero Vs Arc battle in the hotel looked better. I don’t recall the anime being amazing or having Shiki go into Nanaya until the very end of the anime.  Also Ciel shows up after Arc leaves the hotel/flees from battle. Its pretty good.



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