Okay I know I haven’t updated this in SO long and I’m EXTREMELY sorry on this. My life is slowly being taken over by end-of-school exams and StarCraft. I’ve fallen behind on my anime schedule and its driving me insane. I’ve read a few more mangas here and there and really my whole life in the anime world has been screwed up the arse (assuming anime is a physical thing with an ass).

Due to my lack of updates I’ll tell you whats been going on.

A few weeks ago I somehow was extremely sick/allergies got the best of me.

Before that I’ve been watching only Naruto and Bleach from time to time on youtube. Watching Hayate no Gotoku and Negima?! also and halted everything else.

I’ve read my manga collection that I’ve been building since the con and I’ve read

-Hayate no Gotoku Vol 1
-Tsukihime Vol 1 and 2
-Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 1
-Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ Vol 1 and 2
-Negima! Vol 1 and 2
-School Rumble Vol 3
-Shakugan no Shana Vol 1

And I’m currently reading Hayate no Gotoku Vol 2 and School Rumble Vol 5.

My hard drive needs to be cleaned out, my life is slowly being consumed by exams, stress, 4chan *cough*, StarCraft, Internet, and procrastination.

I did manage however to watch the Densha Otoko movie and the Death Note live-action (first movie).

Densha Otoko was a very good movie in my opinion, although I don’t like “Herms” or whatever compared to the series (I have yet to see the series). The Death Note movie was good. Although I have yet to finish the anime and I don’t/didn’t read the manga.

I’m really glad that there is still activity going on around this thing regardless of how less I post. I would really enjoy if people would comment and all even though this isn’t amazing or anything.

Thank you to all the readers/visitors who have entered/read anything from here. Or mooched. Whatever works.



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