REC Vol 1 *kind of* (Scanlations from [XLG])

Alright so I just got the scanlations to REC a few minutes ago. Had some time to skim through a bit and I must say…I’ve forgotten how much I loved Aka. The manga really brings out the story more than the anime (of course the anime was only 9 episodes long and was damn good for that many episodes). The manga contains nudity, which is fine by me, but I just wish they’d had a more longer series in the anime. I felt like the anime needed to be longer instead of 9 episodes. The manga is good though. I definitely enjoy it and really hope a company like Del-Rey picks this series up. I have not seen Seven-Sea so I don’t know how well they do. I don’t mind VIZ picking it up if they do well on it. DrMasterBooks did a good job on Tsukihime, but I doubt they’ll pick up REC.

REC is probably my favorite quick watch next to Triangle Hearts. It deals with a pretty comical love story and best of all Aka is so cute its hard not to love the plot…or Aka. Anyways I don’t know if Aka is 16 or 20 because I recall her saying she was 16 in the anime while in the manga she said she was 20. I don’t know. All I know is I might have a fanboy moe kawaii explosion due to Aka soon. I mean the story mainly focuses on Aka and Matsumoto (which is fine) so its kind of hard not to love Aka and how she deals with some situations. She’s innocent and possibly shy…although she does show aggression…maybe to Matsumoto only. I can’t wait to actually read all of Vol 1 and see how good the manga actually is, but from what I know I’m loving it already (mmm Aka in the shower…) >.>”


P.S. Sorry for unorganized post like always.


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