Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ & CardCaptor Sakura & 3rd Naruto Movie!

Alright everyone! I am here after going into withdrawal due to lack of anime because of my available hard drive space, but now I’m back! Well I was able to catch up on Naruto and Bleach, but I won’t get into those because they don’t deserve the space. Anyways I’ve finished up Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ and CardCaptor Sakura as well as the 3rd Naruto movie. And here we go!

3rd Naruto Movie: First lets get started with the 3rd Naruto movie! We start this movie before the time-skip, but after everyone starts training. Movie is based around Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi and Lee. Following this kid named Hikaru and his father Manchiru. The movie itself was really bad and the only good parts were the second to last and last battles. The movie ended with a stereotypical Naruto ending…a variation of a Rasengan. The Rasengan like….turned purple like the moon and all…it was pretty lame. I really can’t talk about the movie that well just because I didn’t enjoy it regardless of how good everyone said it was. Some animation glitch in the ending during credits. We don’t see Naruto’s Kyuubi seal, so yeah. Also why Lee’s face was red in the last battle is confusing to me…and also Sakura and Naruto were as lame as they usually were. Oh well…we can hope for the better in the next movie.

CardCaptor Sakura: After 70 fuckin’ episodes I finally finished it. The series as a whole was really good, but what really annoyed me was how Clow Reed/Eriol is a sick twisted ass. We learn during the Sakura Card Arc that Eriol is Clow Reed’s incarnation and that he created events that would require Sakura to use a certain card and change that card into her own to use it. The series contained both yaoi and yuri as well as teacher-student relationships and loli. I don’t know why but Sakura’s character design is actually relevant to my liking…and no I am not lolicon…Anywho the series was damn long, but good none-the-less. Worth watching and especially if you like stuff from CLAMP.

Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~: All I can say is….Nekomimi….The series was pretty nice…Animation was weird at points and the ending seemed like it was just randomly shat out in a rush to finish the series. Hazuki-chan is definitely the moe character of the series with her tsundere personality. I’ve read the first two volumes of the manga and I’m hoping to get the rest of the series because the anime was pretty good. Not amazing, but definitely a fun watch. Hazuki-chan…..nekomimi mode….uhnya~

Well thats all I’ve been doing. I’ve watched the Shakugan no Shana movie and 2nd season trailer and I am fuckin’ pumped for the upcoming movie (that is set to be out this Thursday the 21st?) and also the 2nd season which will be released during the Fall Season. I can’t wait!!

Time to catch up on everything I’ve missed from last year’s Summer Season till now! Until next time~



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