I have withstood many loli…

Alright I’m actually somewhat slowly getting back into the habit of updating (not like I ever had one to begin with…) SO! lets get this thing over with…Its late and I’m tired. Alright with that said I bring to you…CardCaptor Sakura…Again…AND! the finishing of Kyou no Go no Ni! (otherwise known as Today in Class 5-2).

CardCaptor Sakura: Alright today I will be doing my review of the 2nd and LAST! movie along with the video diary specials. Lets start with the specials. They aren’t anything special, just kind of cute to watch except for the 2nd special which actually dealt with the story. As for the movie…Well lets just say I thought it was a piece of shit on a stick, but it really isn’t. I felt that the movie was kind of good and yet bad at the same time. Here’s why…First the movie mainly concentrated on the whole Sakura X Li thing and didn’t get to any actual action till the last maybe 20-30 minutes of the movie. Secondly the ending was very disappointing. No I’m definitely glad that everything worked out between Li and Sakura, but I felt like there could be SOOO much more of an ending than just what was in the movie. I’d love to see more to CCS, but the series was long enough and it took me forever to finish (sigh) Guess my only hope is Tsubasa Chronicles now … Anyways the movie itself isn’t all that bad aside form the stuff I stated already. I really liked it and I just love Sakura’s character (yes I know I’m a guy and saying this…What? I can’t like Shoujo-type anime/manga?) not to mention the whole anime had great character design. Overall though I’m somewhat sad that its over (or was over a long time ago.) I just wished there was some way to just continue the story with a better ending…like Sakura and Li actually doing something…I guess its all up to doujin circles to create stuff (which of course are already out in markets or the internet…)

Today in Class 5-2: Okay I finished the last episode today (because it was released subbed today) and I really enjoyed the OVA. I mean it was short, funny and had fanservice (okay fine and loli … happy?). I really want to find the manga translated somewhere now or hope that there’s more later on in the future. I don’t have the characters stuck in my head yet, but I’ll probably rewatch it because it was so short and funny. I just loved the random fanservice of 5th graders (I SWEAR I AM NOT A FUCKIN’ PEDO!).

Sky Girls: This was not intended to be in the post originally, but while I’m writing this I decided…what the hell. So I actually got to watch the Sky Girls OVA!. Yes more loli action… a pedo is I…okay I get the point. Anywho the OVA was nice. I really liked the art and the characters were quite unique…I can’t remember their names either (forgive me okami-sama). I’m actually greatful that the OVA had action in it. I can’t wait till the TV series release of it. Looking forward to more loli-ness!

Alright that concludes my ramble of the day! I don’t know why, but I’ve been watching too many loli-type series. I mean there’s Hayate and I need to catch up on Nanoha StrikerS and also I’m planning to get the DVD files of Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima, and Nanoha both A’s and original. Well until next time~


P.S. I am seriously not a pedo! I swear this just happens! I mean…I can’t help it if its too moe and/or kawaii that I give in to the power that is the loli of anime … gomen …. kami-sama ….


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