Shakugan no Shana…Rewatch, Review, Bleach?

Okay so lately I’ve been watching Shana again because I was planning to make an AMV with Shana clips…probably won’t happen, but anyways I’m enjoying the DVD rips nicely. I have yet to see any difference from the TV rips and DVD both in quality and scenes, but I guess the DVD rips have a bit more fanservice? I don’t really notice much change. I’ve already got up to episode 12-13 area and I’m very happy to see Shana getting a second season and very excited to see the movie once subs are out.

In other news Anime News Network reviews the manga if not the manga itself is seen as a ripoff of Bleach. Now…lets get one thing straight. Shana is NOWHERE IN HELL like Bleach. The reviewer explains how it is talking about dead and living and bah bah bah….okay first….Yuji is not exactly dead. He is dead in the sense that his life was eaten and now exist as a torch which is created to act as a protection to prevent the dislocation of the world from being turned into chaos. In Bleach…Ichigo isn’t dead…he just gains power of a Shinigami from Rukia who wouldn’t even be considered dead…Also the reviewer ignores the whole story-telling of the whole Flame Haze and Guze and all that stuff that makes up Shana. I feel like the reviewer (regardless of it being a “professionally written one) failed to see how good Shana can be and the story of it by thinking that terms being thrown left and right during battles is a bad thing and pretty much thinking it is Bleach. I swear that dude is burned by Shana’s fire…

Here is the review



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