Another Century’s Episode 3: THE FINAL (first 20 stage review)

Okay I just got the game yesterday and I’m already addicted to it. Just like the previous games, A.C.E. offers series cross-over with its own unique storyline (much like Super Robot Wars). The game has scale size units, so all units are as big as they should be, and a very simple button configuration for anyone to just pick up the game and within 2-3 minutes will have it down (although longer for some depending on your understanding).

In A.C.E. 3: The Final they offer the same/similar engine to that of A.C.E 2, but you can always switch to the original style of gameplay. Unit’s special abilities are done via L3 and R3 being pressed. What I mean by that is for example: If your using Freedom with METEOR unit attachment you can revert to just Freedom gundam by pressing L3 and R3, but you can call back the METEOR unit with the same buttons. I have yet to try it on other units, but I’ll get to it.

The game does not REALLY require any knowledge of the Japanese language. It would really help to understand whats going on and all, but its pretty easy to get what your objective is (so far) and picking it up isn’t hard. Upgrading may cause troubles for some just on the pure fact that you don’t know what upgrade is what (so I just upgrade everything…) I’d recommend that people who want to enjoy it fully know whats going on, but if your like me you can enjoy it just as much without understanding a single thing thats going on.

In the third and final installment we have a list of 18 series. Ranging from original Gundam (RX-78) to Gundam X or Turn A Gundam or Freedom Gundam, but with those we also have some Super-Types now such as Shin Getter and even stuff from Overman King Gainer. Its probably the only A.C.E. game to ever had Super-type.

Explanation on Super and Real type.

Super: They are usually units that use less conventional weapons and usually have strong armor. Examples would be MazinKaizer, Getter Robo, or GaoGaiGar (someone help confirm that).

Real: They are usually units that use more conventional weapons, but armor isn’t strong. Units such as Gundams.

There are exceptions which would be categorized in Hybrid. Units such as the Eva series and possibly Dolems from RahXephon

With that said we see a very unfitting units in the A.C.E. series. For example…Shin Getter compared to any other unit that you have in your arsenal is huge…Even with Freedom or Justice with METEOR unit, Shin Getter still looks like it can crush them with a Getter Shine.

The game itself is pretty fun. Being the last game in the series it is worth getting for those who want a “mech-piloting” game or who loved the previous A.C.E. games. The game may be slightly confusing if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the series or its units, but its still fun regardless. The graphics aren’t bad and the system is pretty tight from what I’ve seen.



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  1. hey man a question your saying this game is in japanesse are there a way to change the language to english in the settings because i dont know japanesse and well the game looks awesome and id like to understand it if you can can you reply my email is

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